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* The Equanimous Jones Quartet (EqJ4)

* Pocketwatch

* The Potential Jazz Ensemble

* The New Frontier

* The Muad 'Dib Collective

* The Bookuh, Bayker & Basulheydin Trio

* The Pandemic Jazz Project

February 2024 - Well, the pandemic continues to wane, and music venues are beginning to re-open. Mr. Jones & his compadres will be performing in and around the Bay Area & in SoCal - check the Calendar for dates & showtimes.

EqJ4 is currently recording with Pocketwatch - we'll be done soon. We're also composing and arranging new music for our next cd release. Stay tuned here for more info, and check out the Calendar for upcoming events and live performances.

The latest release from Equanimous Jones is a holiday single entitled "Shchedryk (Bountiful Evening)". It's available through most of your favorite streaming outlets.

The 3rd release from The EqJ4 entitled “The Bourbon Sessions” is also available for streaming, download or purchase (Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, etc.)

Other releases from Equanimous Jones and The EqJ4 include:

Nihon no tame ni (For Japan)

Smoother than Chocolate

Calm Down, It's Christmas

 Last update: February 2024