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The Equanimous Jones Quartet: Music

Shchedryk (Bountiful Evening)

(The Equanimous Jones Quartet)
November 15, 2017
The Equanimous Jones Co.
“Shchedryk” was originally written in 1916 by the Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovich. Shchedryk is derived from the Ukrainian word “shchedryj,” which means “bountiful.” The song, with its distinctive four note melody, was originally a Ukrainian folk song written to wish the family good health and well-being in the new year. The song tells the tale of a swallow flying into a household to proclaim the plentiful year that the family will have. The folksong was later adapted in America, new lyrics were created, and the melody became associated with the Christmas holidays as “Carol of the Bells”. This unique arrangement by The Equanimous Jones Quartet is innovative and musically dynamic, and expresses the excitement and joy of the holiday season.