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The Equanimous Jones Quartet: Links

YouTube - The Equanimous Jones Quartet
Videos produced by The Equanimous Jones Quartet posted on our YouTube Channel
The Equanimous Jones Quartet - Scott VanDuyne
We were fortunate enough to be able to perform with Dr. William C. Dement, world renowned sleep researcher and bass player, in October 2010. This site features some of the video from that performance, which included members of the Norcal assemblage of the Equanimous Jones Quartet. Thanks to Scott VanDuyne for his valuable assistance and posting of this musical collection.
iTunes - The Equanimous Jones Quartet
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CD Baby - The Equanimous Jones Quartet
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Download "Smoother than Chocolate" MP3s from
Download "Smoother than Chocolate" MP3s from Great Indie
Potential Jazz Ensemble
"Music is the Key" is the home of the Potential Jazz Ensemble and its affiliated groups: * The Equanimous Jones Quartet * The Muad 'Dib Collective * The Bookuh, Bayker & Basulheydin Trio
Pocketwatch Music
Gerry Bryant (keyboards) is makin' music with his group "Pocketwatch" - PocketWatch is . . . A six member ensemble that performs original contemporary jazz/latin/classical music that is festive and smooth, melodic and rhythmic, accessible yet substantive, engaging and inspiring; A classic jazz trio of piano, bass and drums that performs timeless jazz standards and classical music arrangements in an intimate and elegant style; and A versatile group of consummate musicians, each one equally adept at playing all genres of musical styles with passion and panache.
College Track
College Track is an after-school college preparatory program that works to increase high school graduation, college eligibility and enrollment, and college graduation rates in under-resourced communities.